Chicken Coop Building Plans

Chicken Coop Building Plans

Children love to have animals around the home. It helps them to be responsible with their care and also it teaches them skills in handling animals. Chickens are a good way to introduce your family to the animal kingdom. Chickens have made their way from the farmyard to the backyard for many reasons. Everyone loves to have an egg for breakfast every now and then. Your chickens will provide a steady supply of eggs for your kitchen. The natural fertilizer from their mature is great for your vegie garden.

If you want to have some chicken in your backyard, you will need to consider building a chicken coop so that your chickens will have a safe, clean and comfortable home in order to protect them from vermin and the weather. There is a lot of information about chicken coop in the market place.

However, if you are like me, you will want to make your own chicken coop. There is something rewarding about making your own chicken coop. You can look back on the project with a sense of achievement – I make that from scratch.

Chicken Coop Plans

If you decide to make your very own chicken coop, then you will need a set of chicken coop building plans. I grandfather always said never build anything without a set of plans. Now that is good advice because my grandfather was a builder. A set of chicken coop plans will put you of the right track to construct the right chicken coop for your backyard situation.

I have purchase both of the following chicken coop building plans and I found them both to be adequate for building a chicken coop – Build a Chicken Coop by Bill Keene and Chicken Coop Guide by John White.

Chicken Coop Plans

You must realize that a chicken coop is not that difficult to build. You only need the basic carpentry tools to complete the project. However, there must be a starting point. And the starting point is a set of chicken coop plans. Why? Well, a set of chicken coop plans will save you money and time.

A set of plans will provide you with all the information you will need to confidently complete the project at hand. You will have access to information that will allow you to purchase the right materials. There will be no guess work here when it comes to materials.

Chicken Coops

A set of plans will save you time. The step-by-step instructions will show you how to put the chicken coop together without those structural mistakes that can consume your time and finances.

A set of chicken coop plans will also give you the big picture of your project. You will be able to see the end product. Of course, you can alter the plans to suit your needs but overall a set of plans gives you direction and the means to complete the task at hand.

Sizes of Chicken Coops

The chicken coop building plans mentioned have a variety of plans for you to consider. To choose which plans are best for your backyard, you will need to determine the size that will meet your chicken’s needs and the area that you have available in your backyard.

There are generally three sizes to choose from and within those three sizes there are a variety of designs. If you have limited space in your backyard, then you will need to consider the small chicken coop. A small chicken coop is both robust and moveable which will allow you to shift the chicken coop around your backyard at your convenience.

The mid-size and large chicken coops are more suited to large backyards. All you will need to do is to choose the best building site for your chicken coop and begin the construction. With the large chicken coops, you do have the option of a free range enclosure. This will allow your chooks to have a greater area to roam in your backyard.

Take your time and construct a chicken coop that will give you years of service for your chicken. Purchase chicken coop building plans and begin the process of building your very own chicken coop for your backyard.

Chicken Coop Guides

Chicken Coop Building Plans